The interior of a luxury lodge at Cedar Retreats


Just like any home, when the sun starts to shine it might brighten our mood, but it is often that time of year when mucky marks, water stains and a general covering of dust become more evident. As such, it gives us all the perfect excuse to give our luxury lodges a good spring clean before the peak season.

As you know, we like to offer our owners as much help as we can, and so we have put together the following checklist so that you cover everything off while you have the chance. Some are simple and others perhaps less obvious, but we know that once you’ve gone through the list your luxury lodge will be spic and span, ready for the season ahead.


Giving your windows a good clean makes all of the difference to the way that the luxury lodge will look both outside and in. It will also impact on how appealing it will be for guests when they visit. First impressions do matter and this includes the doors and windows which, at this time of year, will show up every watermark when the sun shines. Patio doors should get some attention too, as they are likely to need a rub down.

Don’t forget to clean the outside surfaces as well as the glass. Using a damp cloth with either a non-corrosive cream cleaner or soapy water will do the trick.


There is a good chance that due to the weather the floors of the lodge will be dirtier than you think. Take this opportunity to give them a little added attention. Once you’re hoovered through, take a floor cleaner – and if possible one that has been developed especially for wood – and mop throughout.

Remember, don’t use too much water on wooden floors, you don’t want to end up with warped floors that look worse than when you started!

Soft furnishings

Where possible you can wash the covers on cushions and any soft furnishings. Take down the curtains and either sponge them or put them in the washer. Now that the weather is dry (or forecast to be) you can hang any wet items outside in the fresh air.

There may be some items that are looking a little tired and this is the perfect opportunity to decide whether to make do and mend or replace. The one caveat is that when things are starting to look tatty it will give guests the chance to comment and leave negative posts online.

Our recommendation would be to replace anything that you wouldn’t be proud to display in your own home. Using this benchmark works for us and that is reflected in the responses we get from our guests all year round.

Hot tubs

We know that our guests love the private hot tubs here at Cedar Retreats and that is one of the reasons why it’s so important that we keep them clean and well maintained.

We’ve heard from some of the couples that have visited the park in the past and they’ve explained that poorly maintained hot tubs have put them off from returning to lodge parks, so we know how important this simple task is.

Make the most of a managed service

We appreciate that some of our owners have invested in the lodges to supplement their income and as such, they prefer to rely on us to manage the properties on their behalf. When this is the case, we go through the spring clean process and make recommendations on anything that needs replacing.

Daily and weekly cleans are all part of the service that we offer, so there’s no need to worry, it’s all taken care of and your luxury lodge will be ready to welcome guests all year round – not just when the sun comes out to shine.