Last year at Cedar Retreats we welcomed more guests than ever before as the staycation continued to attract holiday-makers that want to enjoy several breaks throughout the year, rather than an annual family holiday.

We also had more investors than ever before as people recognised the benefits of owning a luxury lodge. With no fewer than six sales in the last twelve months, we have seen how property investment is changing. No longer are bricks and mortar the only option – or indeed, for many, the preferred.

Providing one, two and three-bedroom luxury lodges means that we can create a space that is right for the people that are choosing to purchase a property at Cedar Retreats. We work with our owners to come up with a specification that will be large enough to accommodate their needs whilst also delivering the return that they are expecting.

With no stamp duty to pay and no council tax the lodges are considered an investment that can supplement the income of our owners. Delivering a return of upwards of 9.2% we know that the figures make for interesting reading, particularly for those that have also explored the process for purchasing a more traditional property.

Some of our owners choose to buy to let, while others prefer to use the lodges as a second home. Either way, what is consistent across all of our properties is the quality and attention to detail that we put into each and every build.

We have worked with the same designers, architects, builders and tradesmen for the last five years, giving us the confidence to know that they deliver the same quality and have the same values as we do. In addition, we have an onsite interior designer allowing us to offer advice and guidance that is tailored to the customer.

Naturally, if someone wants to use a lodge as a second home then the recommendations we make will be slightly different to those that we will offer if the property is to be offered as guest accommodation all year round.

Every single lodge we have on the site is welcoming and many people comment that they feel ‘at home’ as soon as they step through the door, which is exactly what we hope to achieve.

If you are considering investing in a property, then why not explore the benefits of a luxury lodge? There is no harm in having a coffee and a chat and it may just be the investment opportunity you were looking for.