The interior of a luxury lodge at Cedar Retreats

Very few people enjoy sitting down to plan or review their pension planning, which is evident in research by Standard Life who has confirmed that while two thirds of us would like to retire early, nearly half of people over 45 don’t even know what funds they have accrued over the years.

It’s not the most exciting past time for most of us and it’s fair to assume that socialising with friends or searching for holidays online would be a more enjoyable way to relax and unwind after a busy day in the office, but the truth is that we all need to consider what we will rely on in our later years.

Whilst some headlines could leave us feeling panicked about our pension planning there are many additional and alternative ways that our fears for the future can be addressed and just one of them is to consider property as a way to supplement your income.

The presumption is that most of us won’t have the funds available to buy a second home but that may not be the case. The housing market has changed, this means that there is more opportunity than ever before to make investments that can deliver a return.

It’s not all about bricks and mortar, take luxury lodges for example. Although you would think that the benefits would speak for themselves; no stamp duty to pay, no landlord tax, no council tax, year-round income and a managed service, it can all seem too good to be true.

Let’s be honest, we are a cynical bunch here in the UK and rather than see the positives we want to pick apart the detail to find the catch. But, sometimes it’s about reading the small print and realising that actually an investment of £150,000 could achieve an annual return upwards of 9.2%.

When we consider this in comparison to the return on many pension plans it all starts to make a bit more sense. Second homes can be expensive and buy to let is often a hassle that people can do without, but finding the right property and package for you is half of the battle.

There’s no need to spend endless hours online searching for ways to turn your pennies into pounds, property could be the answer. If you are looking at ways that you can make your investments work as hard as possible without having to endure sleepless nights, then call James or Sarah and we will explain the process to you.

There is no hidden agenda and no trip hazards, just a beautiful park of luxury lodges that attract guests all year round and a friendly and professional team that achieve an independent rating of 9.4/10 – one of the highest in the country.

In summary, to support you with your pension planning the benefits to a luxury lodge include:

  • Upwards of 9.2% return each year
  • No stamp duty to pay
  • No landlord tax
  • No council tax
  • An optional managed service
  • Year-round rentals