Enjoying a bottle of fizz in the jacuzzi at Cedar Retreats

It sounds so simple, to take a break and to let other people do the work for you but that is what our guests and lodge owners have come to expect from us at Cedar Retreats and rightly so. When people come to stay we want them to relax and to unwind.

We are a countryside Retreat offering the chance for our guests to take a step back and to enjoy a slower pace of life, which can often seem so far removed for many of our visitors who have stressful jobs or work in the city.

Whether its Leeds, Manchester or even London, when guests arrive at Cedar Retreats we can see that the location is just what they were hoping for; nestled next door to a small village with easy access to larger amenities if that is what people require.

Having the best of both worlds means that we are able to cater for those that want to jump into the private hot tub and forget about their busy and hectic lives or those that would prefer to explore and to enjoy some of the many leisure activities that are on our doorstep.

Never taking for granted the feedback we receive, we are often overwhelmed by the responses we get including the number of 9* plus ratings that we achieve through the Hoseasons Autograph range, who we work with to let the luxury lodges throughout the year.

When choosing a lodge, we always recommend that our guests take the time to read the online reviews, after all that is what they are there for. Of course, there is always a balance and the countryside isn’t necessarily for everyone but, in the most part, we know that those who stay with us are looking for peace and quiet and that is what we can offer in abundance.

When you walk around the lake, which is right in the middle of the park, you get a sense of calm and tranquillity. Listening to the ducks quacking and the wind blowing in the trees, there is little that you can do but admire the view and let your shoulders drop.

The lodges are each designed to be welcoming but also practical. We appreciate that with people coming and going we need to have the right balance of soft furnishings and hard-wearing fabrics and people often comment about just how welcoming, modern, bright and light the spaces are.

Warm and cosy, each lodge is different but they all have one consistent theme; quality. When our guests come to stay we hope that they will do two things; return and recommend to their friends and family.

Thankfully that does seem to be the case and we are now welcoming the same people back time and time again, which is a lovely endorsement.

Next time you want to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life, consider Cedar Retreats. Our park manager summed it up perfectly when he said; Retreat, Relax and Return. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

We look forward to welcoming you during 2018.