As a business, we appreciate that when property investors come to Cedar Retreats they expect more than your typical holiday home.

We have created a business model which now reports a return on investment for our owners of upwards of 9% per year.

When owning a luxury lodge at Cedar Retreats, investors can enjoy a beautiful holiday home with all of the modern luxuries you will have come to expect. The difference is that when you leave you can rely on your property to deliver a return when it would otherwise have stood empty.

Relying on a managed service

With a fully managed service in place, property investors can rest assured that guests are looked after and that they all receive an experience that they will share positively with friends and family, encouraging others to come along throughout the year.

Open 365 days a year, and managed by a dedicated team who understand the values of Cedar Retreats and the quality service that we offer, it is our attention to detail and commitment to the brand and business which sets us apart.

We know that when guests come here to stay they will have a lovely time and that our owners can supplement their income as a result.

More than a holiday home, a business venture

The incomes from the lodges are paid directly into the bank account of the investor, so there is no fuss. The idea is that this works for us and for our investors too.

Each luxury lodge comes with a 125-year lease, registered with the land registry. There are typically three lodge types; Swinton, three-bedroom; Daleside, two-bedroom and our recent addition, the one bedroom.

Whatever your requirements, the management team at Cedar Retreats will explain the whole process to you and can also provide testimonials from current owners who have recognised the benefits to owning a lodge that also delivers a return year on year.